I'm a youth amateur artist...
and I have had this business for 1 year. I have been drawing for my
whole life and have been getting into new mediums for the past couple
years. Art is my passion and I love to paint and draw His creation!

Andrea J. Anderson - Equine Artist
Capturing God's Creation
Want something unique? Want something that captures the very spirit of your horse? Not only do I make it my goal to capture the horse's likeness, but also its spirit, and the emotion you feel when you look at him or her. I work in many mediums, specializing in mixed media acrylic. I have experience with pencil, pen, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, oil, and pyrography. I am an emerging artist of 18, currently living at home and in college, graduating this spring with my hard-earned AA degree. I plan to move on to a university to pursue a BA in Art Education. Want a drawing or painting as unique as your horse? Shoot me an email or facebook message. My page is www.facebook.com/AndreaEquineArt. Thank you so much for visiting and showing an appreciation for art.